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Designer Epoxy

Epoxy floors have been around for several years.  However, it wasn’t until recently that different pigments began to be added to create unique, one-of-a- kind effects, while maintaining the strength of traditional epoxy floors.  What was typically used in warehouses and industrial spaces, and was only available in a few shades of gray, got a whole new color pallet and designer look that started to draw interest for installs in galleries and showrooms.

Our designer epoxy floors use a special formula of resin which can be combined with numerous pigments to create one-of-a kind floor installations.  We utilize metallic pigments, color shifts, pearl effects, and glow pigments. We can embed objects or logos in the floor for branding. There is a large color pallet and colors can be custom mixed.  In addition, there are numerous tools and application methods that affect the look of the floor making the possibilities truly endless.

Our designer epoxy systems achieve excellent adhesions to concrete, wood and other substrates.  We utilize different top-coats to obtain matte, satin or gloss finishes as well as different levels of slip resistance.  Our designer epoxy floors offer resistance to abrasion, chemicals, hot tire pick up, and UV exposure. They are compliant with USDA, FDA, ADA, and OSHA standards.   Antimicrobial formulations are also available. These floors are long lasting and low maintenance.

This unique floor system will set you apart from the competition.  The depth and beauty of these floors along with their industrial strength make them a great choice for retail spaces, showrooms, galleries, restaurants, tattoo parlors, office spaces, hair salons and more.

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