Some things just go well together; peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, baseball and hotdogs to name a few. Recently we had the opportunity to install a designer epoxy floor in a cargo trailer used to haul dirt bikes. For me, personally, metallic epoxy flooring and cargo trailers are now on that list of things that just go well together. I knew with the metallic epoxy we could create a one of a kind floor. I knew that it would look great on a trailer floor. I think I just didn’t realize how great it would actually look. Neither did the client. We were both pleasantly surprised.

Metallic Epoxy, Designer Flooring, Seamless Floors
Designer Epoxy Trailer Floor w/ Logo

We started with a standard cargo trailer plywood floor. The client wanted E-Tack for securing his bikes, so a raised plywood floor was added to flush with the top of the E-track bolted to the original floor. We primed the entire floor setting in a mesh at all the plywood joints to help prevent cracks. We then installed two coats of 100% solids epoxy with metallic flakes to get the desired look.

Metallic Epoxy, Seamless Flooring, Designer Floors
Designer Epoxy Trailer Floor w/ Embedded Logo and Stripes.

The client wanted a logo on the ramp door and some stripes for flare. We did the stripes in a water based epoxy with a red metallic additive. The logo was done with vinyl truck. After these were put on, another clear coat of 100% solids epoxy went on to smooth everything out. We used a tinted 100% solid epoxy to seal everything under the E-Track and to provide the gloss black visible through the track openings. We used the same tinted epoxy to hit the edges of the ramp door and the exposed edges of the plywood flooring across the back and at the side door.
The finishing touch was a Urethane top-coat with a fairly aggressive anti-slip additive so some of reflective the sheen common to a metallic epoxy floor was lost in the name of safety. As stated earlier, the finished product exceeded all of our expectations, and added a tremendous amount to an already decked out trailer.

If you’re looking for a one of a kind floor, we would love to talk with you about what can be done with metallic epoxies. While they are unique and beautiful, they are also extremely durable making them perfect for commercial spaces, garages, showrooms, galleries, retail spaces, residential spaces, and even cargo trailers. If you have a tricked out toy hauler with an ugly wood floor, we can help.


Designer Epoxy Trailer Flooring,
Metallic Epoxy Trailer Floor


Designer Epoxy Floors, Commercial Floors, Metallic Epoxy
Loading Up the Toys After Finishing the New Metallic Epoxy Floor